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• Solo
March 4th, 8 pm

We're excited to return with an evening of intimate and virtuosic music focusing on members of the What's Next? community. With music by directors Ben Phelps and Alexander Elliott Miller, the concert will feature What's Next? co-founder and Ensemble Intercontemporain Violist John Stulz, as well as flutist Michael Matsuno and the Los Angeles premiere of Miller's To... Oblivion.

Three Graces at PerigeeNick Norton
NidiFranco Donatoni
Versus IIIEmmanuel Nunes
To...OblivionAlexander Elliott Miller
Concerto for Viola, Percussion, and Casio KeyboardBen Phelps

Attraverso il Mare
Oct 17th, 8 pm

What's Next? in conjunction with Boston Court Performing Arts Center and composer Jason Barabba, proudly present Attraverso il Mare, a program of new music by and about Italian-American immigrants. Including excerpts of Luciano Berio's Folk Songs sung by Justine Aronson.

Los Angeles Composers Project 2014
June 21st, Doors @ 7, Music @ 8 pm

What's Next? continues its unprecedented commitment to music written by composers living and working in great Los Angles. For the sixth year in a row, What's Next? presents the best of modern LA's music. Since the beginning of this series, the works of 60 LA composers have been performed. It's a track record like no other.  

Eight Oh EightIan Dicke
Shiftless DriftersDavid Rosenboom
Mobile IIsaac Schankler
Cave of Self-InductionNicole Mitchell
Music for Burying ThingsBryan Curt Kostors
White FlagJulia Adolphe
to grasp is to uncontrollably dropJoshua Carro
78Jefferson Friedman

Inland Empire
May 28th, 2014
Culver Center, Riverside, CA

The culmination of What's Next? Ensemble's spring residency and collaboration with UC Riverside, What's Next? will present a concert of UC Riverside composers at the Culver Center in Riverside.

April 26th, 8 pm
Boston Court Performing Arts Center - Pasadena, CA

What's Next? teams up with special guest pianist and Grammy nominee Vicki Ray in a program exploring multiple generations of minimalist composers, built around Los Angeles native and Bang on a Can founder David Lang's rarely heard Child. The concert will also feature the 1-bit electronics of composer / artist / inventor Tristan Perich and the layered musings of Matt McBane, founder and artistic director of the Carlsbad Music Festival. 

Synthetic NightMatt McBane
ObservationsTristan Perich
ChildDavid Lang
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March 28th, 8pm
Fais Do-Do

Called “the Andy Warhol of new music” Dutch avant/pop composer Jacob ter Veldhuis (“JacobTV”) has established himself as a vanguard in the experimental classical music scene. According to the Wall Street Journal some of his multimedia and socially relevant work “makes many a hip-hop artist look sedate.”

On March 28th, What's Next? Ensemble brings JacobTV to Los Angeles for a gala-concert of his music at Club Fais Do-Do. The concert will feature his magnum opus, the video opera The News, in a new suite written for What’s Next? as well as other US and West Coast premieres.

Jacob TV residency is made possible through a grant from the City of Los Angeles, Department of Cultural Affairs, The Netherlands-America Foundation, and, in part, by public funds from the Netherlands Cultural Services (New York), in partnership with the Dutch Centre for International Cultural Activities (SICA); Music Center, the Netherlands; Netherlands Theatre Institute; and the Dutch Fund for the Performing Arts.

Carlsbad Music Festival
September 20th - 22nd
Carlsbad, CA

We take the show on the road, bringing the best of music from Los Angeles down the coast to the most cutting edge music festival in California. On Friday, September 20th we present multiple free events as part of the Village Music Walk, and and Saturday September 21st we reprise our Naturale program. Tickets on sale now!


Saturday, August 24th, 2013. 8pm. Monk Space.
4414 West 2nd St

What's Next? violist John Stulz and percussionist Ben Phelps perform the music of Luciano Berio, with additional world premieres. Including works by Stulz, a new piece by Alex Miller with Electric Guitar, and the premiere of Phelps's Concerto for Viola, Percussion, and Casio Keyboard.

Panneaux John Stulz
Concerto for Viola, Percussion, and Casio Keyboard Ben Phelps
The Galvanized Natural Electric Alexander Elliott Miller
Naturale Luciano Berio
Friday, August 9th, 2013. 8pm. MiMoDa.
5774 West Pico Blvd

Artistic director Vimbayi Kaziboni, back from a year working with Ensemble Modern, presents Vortex, an evening of modernist masterworks exploring time and space. The audience will be enveloped in the raw physical noise of Xenakis, immersed in the sonic architecture of Stockhausen, and bathed in the tender tones of Feldman. The program ends with Vortex Temporum, Gerard Grisey's epic spectral thesis on time and space.

Van Gogh with the Long Beach Opera
Friday, May 11th and 18th, 8pm
Friday, May 18th 2 pm, 19th 7 pm
Long Beach Art Expo
[Long Beach Opera: van Gogh]

What's Next? returns to the music of Michael Gordon for a fully staged performance of Michael Gordon's Van Gogh and Stewart Copeland's Tell Tale Heart- two west coast premieres in collaboration with the Long Beach Opera.

Los Angeles Composers Project 5          
Friday, April 19th and 26th, 8pm
Boston Court Performing Arts Center
[Los Angeles Composer Project]

April 19th program - tickets

Qualms and Misgivings Jeffrey Parola
Asperges Me (Thou shalt purge me) John Eagle
Nastrond Jeffrey Holmes
Everywhere Robin Cox
Quintet for Flute, Piano, and String Trio David Utzinger
Scale 9 Sean Friar

April 26th program - tickets

10,000 Filaments Sarah Gibson
Call of the Messenger Jason F. Heath
No Quarter Sean Heim
Frammenti Notturni Richard Valittuto
Mr. Distinguished Dante DeSilva
LACP IV         
Friday, June 1 8pm
Royal-T Café

Since 2009, the signature event of the What's Next? Ensemble has been the Los Angeles Composers Project, a series of summer concerts that has featured over 30 composers from the LA area in the past three years. Don't miss out on the exciting 2012 edition.

orVeronika Krausas
a declarative sentence whose message is that we must try harder Jason Barabba
American SpringStephen Cohn
AutoSonata Beta Nick Norton
AirIan Krouse
Tsuki no Uta Kenji Oh


Van Gogh ears
Two Operas                      
Friday, April 13, 8pm
Royal-T Café
8910 Washington Boulevard
Culver City, CA 90232
Nigerian Spam
Van Gogh
Shaun Naidoo
Michael Gordon

Six Ways To Be Alone          
Wednesday, December 14 8pm
Royal-T Café
Rain Spell
Varied Trio
Six Ways to Be Alone
Toru Takemitsu
Lou Harrison
Fighting Music                      
Wednesday, November 23 8pm
Royal-T Café
8910 Washington Boulevard
Culver City, CA 90232
Fighting Words
To Airy Thinness Beat
Workers Union
Wojtek Blecharz
Louis Andriessen
Los Angeles Composers Project 2011                      
Wednesday June 15, 2011
Royal-T Café
Homage à Ravel Lalo Schifrin
Sakura Tsai, Violin
Lars Hoefs, Cello
Jeanette Louise Yaryan, Piano
Cu and Fe Ralph D'Ignazio
Yuri Inoo, Ben Phelps and Vimbayi Kaziboni, invented percussion
Cuatro Canciones Morten Lauridsen
Paravathi Subbiah, Soprano
Eric Jacobs, Clarinet
Ana Kim, Cello
Jeanette Louise Yaryan, Piano
Vintage Renaissance and Beyond William Kraft
Michael Matsuno, Flute Emilio Borghesan, Clarinet
Sakura Tsai, Violin Paula Karolak, Viola
Ana Kim, Cello Aurelien Eulert, Piano
Vimbayi Kaziboni, Conductor
What Lies Behind the Rain David Werfelmann
Rafael Liebich, Piano and Electronics
What is the Silence Donald Davis
Michael Matsuno, Flute Aki Nishiguchi, Oboe
Eric Jacobs, Clarinet Ben Phelps, Percussion
Sakura Tsai, Violin Paula Karolak, Viola
Stella Cho, Cello Aurelien Eulert, Piano
Charissa Barger, Harp Vimbayi Kaziboni, Conductor
At the Limit of Notes
Sunday April 3, 2011
South Pasadena Public LIbrary
String Quartet #4
Ai Limiti Della Notte
Viola Spaces
Sequenza VI
Iannis Xenakis
Giacinto Scelsi
Salvatore Sciarrino
Garth Knox
Alex Miller
Luciano Berio

John Stulz, Viola
Sakura Tsai Kayla Moffett, violins
Alejandro Duque, Viola
Stella Cho, Cello
Free Coffee and Doughnuts:
music from the great depression(s)                  
December 13 and 14, 2010
Neighborhood Unitarian Church, Pasadena
featuring grammy award winning entertainer Ian Whitcomb
music by Patricio Da Silva
The Los Angeles Composers Project 2010
May 26-28, 2010
Alfred Newman Hall
University of Southern California
May 26
candlepin-bowling-deadwood Alan Shockley
That's a New Dog Francis Kayali
The Triumph of Sisyphus David Plylar
Adult Party Games from the Leisure Planet Arthur Jarvinen
Guitar Quartet A.J. McCaffrey
This is Just to Say Robert Denham

May 27
Featuring the LA Percussion Quartet and Vicky Ray
Ritual Dances Eric Guinivan
Bad Times Coming Shaun Naidoo
Rays of Twilight Jeffrey Holmes
Occasus Jeffrey Holmes

May 28
Back Burner Frank Ticheli
Mobile ii (“Dear Mr. Edison”) Isaac Schankler
Triangular Antiphonies Christoper Brakel
Moto Propetuo Liviu Marinescu
Nocturno Patricia Da Silva
Still Images of the Restless Mind Vera Ivanova
[The Los Angeles Composer's Project]
What’s Next? Ensemble
Live at the Fake Gallery                  
April 9, 2010
Fake Gallery, Hollywood CA
Guitar Trio
Dreams and Prayers of Isaac the Blind
This Is What Really Happened
Five Pieces for Snare Drum
Workers Union
Rhys Chatham
Osvaldo Golijov
AJ McCaffery
Veronika Krausas
Louis Andriessen
[What's Next Live at the Fake Gallery]
The Los Angeles Composers Project 2009
June 11-19, 2009
Alfred Newman Hall and Macdonald Recital Hall
University of Southern California
June 11
Tango (for four musicians) Ben Phelps
In Flower (7b from Harmony Series) Michael Pisaro
Moods in Backwards Time Alexander Tovar
il sole e l'altre stele Veronika Krausas
Redwood Paul Chihara
Mie Eric Guinivan
June 15
Lingo Joseph Trapanese
Shape Shifter David Johnson
American Suite Erica Muhl
The Lost Country of Sight Juhi Bansal
Piano Quartet No. 1 Alex Miller
June 19
Paranoia Corey Wallace
#33 John Bergamo
Scree Donald Crockett
Concertino for Bassoon, Piano and Strings Jonathan Bartz
The Rose of the Winds Stephen Hartke
Is Money Money? Anne LeBaron
Poetry and Music
presented by Red Hen Press                
June 14, 2009
Annenberg Beach House
Santa Monica, CA
[Annenberg Beach House]
John Cage: Musicircus
September 26, 2009
University of Southern California

(All  works repeated
Simultaneously for 1 hour)

Lecture on Nothing
Alexander Miller, speaker

Lecture on Something
Richard Baughman, speaker

She is asleep
Brian Foreman
Eric Guinivan
Sidney Hopson
Vimbayi Kaziboni

Sonata fB
or two voices
Matthew Baker, trumpet
Matthew Karatsu, trombone

In a landscape
Allison Allport, harp

Music for wind instruments
Courtney Nippa, flute
Stephanie German, oboe
Emilio Borghesan, clarinet
Remy Taghavi, Bassoon
Erika Binsley, French Horn

Adam Allgood

Living Room Music
Sueng Yun Chun
Austin Jordan
Benjamin Phelps
Zaneta Sykes
Reich v. Glass
March 7, 2008
Century Gardens Courtyard
University of Southern California
Steve Reich:  Music for pieces of wood
Brian Foreman
Eric Guinivan
Sidney Hopson
Austin Jordan
Vimbayi Kaziboni

Phillip Glass:  String Quartet no. 3 “Mishima”
John Stulz, violin I
Kayla Moffett, violin II
Adrian Wong, viola
new music:new listening